vrijdag 24 juli 2009


Floral jacket by H&M - Photos borrowed!

This morning I got super lucky as I found the jacket above, and I have been looking for one for months! I had already given up... yay!


For the dutchies out there:

This sunday - 'Zomergasten' will feature the Dutch fashion designduo Viktor & Rolf!

I will definately be watching it. You too? Enjoy!

Edit: Frankly, I thought it was pretty disappointing. Not a very good interview - I was bored to death apart from the clips that they showed.

zaterdag 18 juli 2009

London baby!

Here are some of the things that I got in London!
Topshop vest (35 pounds)
Topshop floral tunic/dress (22 pounds)
Topshop nude vest (30 pounds)
Topshop floral tunic/dress (30 pounds)
Zara blazer (40 pounds)
Topshop top (16 pounds)
Primark midnight blue dress (13 pounds)

Primark flats (4 pounds)
Topshop Marc B bag (39 pounds)

Jewellery from Topshop and Primark

Nailpolish: dark purple by Rimmel, nude by Urban Outfitters and aqua by ???