zaterdag 13 februari 2010

Time was killing my blog

But now Im back! Yay! This weekend Im taking some time to relax in my apartment and do everything that I have been wanting to do but I havent had the time to do - which means, I slept in, made a huge breakfast for myself, read my Elle Collections (which I bought because I thought that the Vogue collections issue was a tad too expensive but after looking into it at a friends house Im 99% sure that Ill also get that one... ouch says my wallet), and I watched about 10 episodes of the City. What struck me is that I love Whitney Port's accessoires, especially her gold rings and earrings and how she combines them with the color of her nails (mostly red or black) and bracelets - they are amazing and I want her whole collection.. I stumbled upon a shop where they actually sell some of the rings that she has been wearing: Ettika! Check it out! Love the gold disc, distressed and tree of life rings!

So I thought I go look for rings and earrings that Whitney could have worn in the City, and here is the result:

1. ASOS (6,32 euros), 2. ASOS (8,84 euros), 3. ASOS (6,32 euros), 4. Miss Selfridge (6,00 pounds), 5. ASOS (10,11 euros), 6. ASOS (by Monica Vinader, 173,05 euros), 7. F21 ($5,80), 8. New Look (8,00 pounds), 9. F21 ($4,80), 10. ASOS (by Lola Rose, 87,16 euros), 11. F21 ($4,80), 12. ASOS (7,58 euros).

I also found these amazing animal rings:

1. F21 ($2,80), 2. ASOS (15,16 euros), 3. ASOS (12,63 euros), 4. Miss Selfridge (20,00 pounds), 5. F21 ($7,80), 6. Topshop (9,00 pounds), 7. F21 ($3,80), 8. F21 ($5,80), 9. New Look (8,00 pounds), 10. Oasis (15,00 pounds), 11. Topshop (30,00 pounds)

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